Is Vanier offering great housing opportunities in 2018?

By: Maria Emilia De Guzman

Is Vanier offering great housing opportunities in 2018?

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Not too long ago I lived in a condo located near McArthur and Vanier.  This is where I enjoyed not only the close location to the Queensway, but the proximity to the Kings View Park which lies alongside the Ottawa River where summers and springs are full of ducks and trees; Sunday joggers and kids are on swings. 

The old houses surrounding Vanier and their proximity to the Ottawa River have an Italian homey architectural style and have become a great legacy for the city.  This is in proximity to Rockcliffe Park with large houses, many of which are used as embassies.

The Beechwood Avenue area of Vanier contains new residential buildings, gourmet stores and cafes.

Commuters from Vanier are close to Parliament Hill and traffic is light even in peak hours.

However, Vanier has recently been suffering a bad reputation which might account for investors keeping a low profile.  Walking in its streets is as secure as walking in any other neighbourhood. Not too long ago I visited Chateau Vanier, a building from 1972 where prices are still lower than in any other locations, with ample open spaces, activities and great neighbours.

 Vanier continues to be a unique place to invest, live and enjoy a privileged location in Ottawa.

Based on OREB Reports for June 2018 and information from Matrix; as a reference point, the district between Beechwood Avenue and Montreal Road, from Vanier Parkway and the Beechwood Greenberg, presented an increase of 1.2% in sales in the last year and by June Sellers were selling at their expected asking price.

In my opinion, Vanier is an excellent place to consider future investing.