By: Maria Emilia De Guzman



On these days, a good way to improve your quality of life and to start thinking of the remote possibility of showing your house is to organize your closets.
 Discover how much fun it is selecting, donating and perhaps discovering new items.  It is important to fold sweaters/t-shirts by size and make piles divided by colours.  Make piles symmetrical and with empty spaces between them. Remove out of season and or items not in use and set the rest in a set of luggage or storage room. Use tasteful baskets to hold small items.

Closet furniture in most houses is not finished.  Add some extra pieces, preferably in the same style and colour, which will help the contents to look more organized and distributed.  The secret is not to fill up the closet space with clothes completely.  Declutter and organize the closet to show its capacity.
Several experts advise to organize the closet by categories or colours; to hang up every clothes items and used coordinate hangers.  The use of coordinated boxes in any material is an easy way to store socks, underwear and pyjamas as an example.
Declutter every season for those items not in use.  This  is a smart solution. Store the heavy stuff such us boots, coats, shawls another area of the house., by Sarah Coffey, advices  that “ placement is the key. Store your most-used items at eye level, less-used below, and least-used items up high”.
If you have several pairs of shoes, organize them in a shoe organizer or find shelf dividers-another great solution.
When clients arrive, they need to see how much capacity each closet has.  Installing diverse organizers will show not only a system but more space.

According to Anna from “if you can do one good thing to your closet, it is to get rid of your mix math hangers and laundry bags and never hang dresses on a short rod”.   She also advises to store tall  boots with a rolled-up newspaper or magazine inside, so they stand up.