A complete guide on how to sell for profit by increasing your house value.

Maria De Guzman, a licensed real estate agent and a certified stager, will reveal the secret you need to make the most money from the sale of your home. This easy-to-follow GUIDE has over 100 tips; 71 from experts which will give you the proven most effective advice you need to make the changes in each room of your home to increase its value. Maria will show you how to improve your house value in a budget, room by room, for the least amount of money so you can sell it for the greatest profit.

Home Improvements

Home Improvements?

Before starting your house project, let us evaluate your house’s market price, age, economic level and actual neighbourhood cycle to calculate how much to spend in your upgrades and classify them according to your niche market priorities to the value you may add to your house through improvements.

If you realize that you need a professional for some of your “house changes”, engage one. Analyse quality to increase the value in every step of your project, choose products and specific modifications to add value, not to lower it.

By following “Tips to Sell” you can start a plan and find excellent and inexpensive ideas to:
By making this guide your own guide by evaluating and building your own exclusive plan based in your appreciation and proposed recommendations room by room, including the garden and curb appeal, your house will look like a “turn-key” house to move into and will be more competitive in the market.

Congratulations on taking the first step to transforming your home into a more profitable by following this complete guide, -tips and tricks to increase your house value. You may even find that preparing your house to its upmost conditions will be very personally satisfying and even fun!

In TIPS TO SELL Paperback book or Kindle version, available on Amazon, you will find BASIC TIPS, valuable IMPORTANT TIPS, and EXTRA TIPS from the author and opinions of experts. With "TIPS TO SELL" you might require booking an electronic meeting with me for a personal assistance on your Project. By completing your project, you will obtain more than one reason to better value your property FOR PROFIT. As you finished, you will know how much more you are adding, and we will be ready to evaluate your property in an improved manner as clients will identify with the update appearance.